1. The best views of the city

Barcelona 360. It’s our first plan to enjoy Barcelona without spending a dime. specific address: gazebo Turo de la Rovira, declared Heritage Area and where the remains of an old antiaréa battery built during the Civil War to defend the bombing remain. These own structures were used to lift the neighborhood of the Canons, in the area Carmelo barracks, which were maintained to 90. Today, besides enjoying the best views of the city, space is one of the venues of the Museum Barcelona History.

2.Swing classes in the street

It is one of the dances fashionable in New York, Berlin, Granada or Cochin China. And, of course, in Barcelona. You can learn free first steps if you look at the agenda of projects such as the Swing Bcn association, riding lessons in squares, parks and what is third. For example, the first and third Sunday of the month at the Citadel. When? From 12:00 to 14:30 hours. No need to carry or couple. There you will find. And if you become addicted to this dance, there are more options to deepen as riding Swing Maniacs (photo).

3. Put the price at theater

It is called Reverse office and is nothing but put yourself the price they see fit to play after watching it. The idea has thrived in several rooms of Barcelona like Beckett (ca Carrer de l’Alegre de Dalt, 55), where the viewer can now enjoy the play L’efecte and decide what it’s worth. Its makers believe it is an exercise of responsibility and maturity. And so far, the thing works …

4. Markets, markets and beaches

So far, patrias beaches are public, so there it is for you whole Barceloneta and others. If you go pulls more markets, the list is long. Restaurants have from the legendary Boqueria on Las Ramblas, the National, the Ninot or the cutting edge of Santa Catalina, housed in a former convent. Jewelry and vintage clothing bargains piecework, the Els Encants, in the Plaza de Les Glories. Watch for events such as the “fantastic week” of Star Wars.

5. Enter magical sources

Stand opposite the spectacle of water, light and color with built choreographies of the Magic Fountain and the axis of Maria Cristina, in Montjuic, is another of the free activities of Barcelona every Friday and Saturday (19.00 to 21.00), but it is expected to schedule Thursday and Sunday shortly be extended. The source was created with the Universal Exhibition of 1929 in the area of Poble Sec and although it has been closed for maintenance, is one of the attractions (free) with more pull among tourists.

6. La Pedrera and other classics

Although to enter most modernist buildings City Star (Casa Batllo, the Sagrada Familia …) have to pay, you can take something (or just gossiping) in the cafe of La Pedrera face. 10 momumentos list without input continues with the Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter, the Santa Maria del Mar or sagrat cor, in the mountains of Tibidado and, therefore, surrounded by nature. If you also want to know the history of most of them (without paying, insist) companies like Sandemans New Europe Tours Free ride routes or two to three hours for the main points of Barcelona.

7. On Sundays, free museums

Sunday afternoon (from 15.00) is the day chosen by the City of Barcelona who wants to cast imbibe culture in a handful of museums. Read the Picasso, the Music Center Image of the Virreina, Maritime, the history, the CCCB (Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), Montjuic Castle … And the Born Cultural Centre, where one does not you can only enjoy workshops, lectures, concerts and exhibitions, but also the archaeological site (with pieces from the XIV century) aposentado this monumental building that reproduces the classical architecture of an iron markets nineteenth century.

8. Hang your own shooting star

The last of the recommendations to enjoy (without euros between) of Barcelona is the most picturesque: hang your own shooting star and dedicate it to whoever you want. As is. Theirs is to create it first on the website of City Hall, then dedicate it to someone through a personalized message, even put name and search any time through a code. Were you thinking of some original gift?