There are many articles about the most emblematic places of Barcelona, which are easy to visit thanks to the city’s great public transport network, but little has been said and taught the world about the wonders that are very close to the capital Catalan For this same reason, we have decided to show you three jewels near Barcelona that you can not forget to visit. Rent your car at the best price and it leads to the best places to vacation.

  1. The Dalí Theater-Museum: the sun, the sea and the gastronomy of coast is very good, however, you can always choose to organize varied tourist plans that also contemplate the possibility of soaking culture. In this case we suggest the famous Dalí Theater-Museum, which as you well know was an important author of Surrealism (avant-garde movement located in the context of World War I!). It is undoubtedly considered one of his greatest works and was inaugurated in 1974, on the remains of the old Municipal Theater of Figueres.
  2. The Montserrat Mountain: diamond that feels most proud of Catalonia, the famous Montserrat Mountain is a mandatory destination for tourists as well as for the Catalans themselves. Its spectacular geography will leave you breathless, and if you are also passionate about historical architectural constructions, the Basilica of the Mare de Déu (Basilica of the Mother of God) and the old Benedictine monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat will delight you.
  3. The Salt Mountain of Cardona: without a doubt, the Salt Mountain of Cardona is another tourist destination that you can not pass up. Be sure that it will leave you speechless and you will have to take your eyes off each of its wonders, hidden from the outside with the suspicion of an ancient and valuable treasure. There you can make guided tours to the Salt Mountain Cultural Park and also guided guided tours for a family type audience.

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed these three proposals, and that, if you stay in Barcelona or its surroundings, do not miss the unique opportunity you have to visit places with as much historical and cultural charm as these three. A little culture is always appreciated, and you will be given a kind of deep and ethereal fun that will warm your soul like you never thought. So … pack your bags, rent a car and head to these three Catalan beauties!